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London Bands

During high school I formed my first band Janysium, releasing a home-made cassette album that sold over 1000 copies in one year. We joined forces with Mach One, released an album on vinyl, toured the English club circuit and gained attention from the whole Neo-Prog movement.  When we split, I went back to university to complete a degree in Maths.

Bollywood Jingles

After university I travelled throughout Asia, sustaining my existence through writing commercial jingles for Indian TV ads, along with my childhood friend Simon Strevens. Fellow Indian musicians invited us to play with them to an audience of 4,000. Of which 3,999 booed, so I married the other one.

California Bands

My wife and I moved to USA and raised a family. And then I got itchy guitar fingers. Internet ads brought together Evolve IV to release an album, before Gekko Projekt called, releasing two more albums Electric Forest and Reya of Titan. I’m currently performing in The Steppes, a tribute to early Steve Hackett

Solo Stuff

I write a lot of music and began to release my own solo albums, performing live with musicians from Los Angeles.  I’ve done session guitar on several albums, and composed music for a video game, humourous language training video and so on. I am currently working on two new solo albums along with other collaborations.